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I'm setting up a login in a member area on my website.  I am using some software that prompts me thru making the admin screen where you can add names, passwords, email, etc.  I have been using a flat file but decided a database might be better.  I have created the database in the My SQL area on Go Daddy. The prompt in the Web Builder I'm using is asking me for:  Database Name which I put in, the password which I put in, the user name for the database which I put in.  It is also asking me for a couple of things I'm not sure of.  one is Server and the other is the Table Name.  I don't see any where on the Go Daddy area that you manage the Database either one of these.  Can someone help with those.  Also do I have to go in and set up a Table with Field names in the SQL Database area of Go Daddy. 

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Hi there,
Thanks for posting your question here. Please go to your cpanel and look for phpmyadmin. That is the software that manages your database
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @ Phone:4435-WWW R US or (443) 599-9787

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