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I'm setting up a login in a member area on my website.  I am using some software that prompts me thru making the admin screen where you can add names, passwords, email, etc.  I have been using a flat file but decided a database might be better.  I have created the database in the My SQL area on Go Daddy. The prompt in the Web Builder I'm using is asking me for:  Database Name which I put in, the password which I put in, the user name for the database which I put in.  It is also asking me for a couple of things I'm not sure of.  one is Server and the other is the Table Name.  I don't see any where on the Go Daddy area that you manage the Database either one of these.  Can someone help with those.  Also do I have to go in and set up a Table with Field names in the SQL Database area of Go Daddy. 

Helper VI

Hi there,
Thanks for posting your question here. Please go to your cpanel and look for phpmyadmin. That is the software that manages your database
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @