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New site does not work

New site does not work for several hours please officials to solve the problem

To know the problem please visit the link


I apologize for the mistakes
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Same for me, except it has only been 30 minutes here.  Since you didn't update your situation for people finding this with the same problem, let me say this..

Hopefully (and often times with other hosts), there can be a delay before the DNS propagates and shows your website to the world.  Although, my website's IP address is bringing me to the "site under cunstruction page" yet my actual web address - - is still apparently offline.  Hopefully as I said before, it's nothing more than a slow propagation of nameserver on the web address.  Will follow up, unlike some people regarding any changes in the next 12 hours.



So in my case it did just take some time for the name servers to propagate, as I hoped was all it was.