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Newbie with a MYSQL v5.7 upgrade question.



I'm Antony and i have just got a vps server from godaddy and have come across my first problem.

I use mysql version 5.7+ and when i try to execute my scripts it doesnt allow me because the server only has version 5.6.35


Rather than run through my scripts and make the many amendments i would have too. is there a way i can upgrade the mysql server to version 5.7+ i can never rememebr the exact version im using.


Any help would be beneficial as i cant seem to find anything on godaddy's resources that discuss an upgrade.


Helper V

@awhittle To upgrade to MySQL 5.7 you can follow the following generic steps. 


What operating system are you using on your VPS? Once the OS is known I can provide more specific instructions for upgrading to the new version

CENTOS 6.7 x86_64 is the OS

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Hi @awhittle,


This is not seemingly an issue if you dump your old database, then import it into the new database.

You can go forward but never backwards, so back up that old database first.

Try it and read here if you couldn't get it working: scroll down to green tick! :