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No incoming or outgoing email within website

I have someone working on my website and we cannot figure out how to get it resolved. Can any one help. This is the email he sent me.
Your site is blocking email generated through OS Commerce. It does not matter what the email subject or content is, all email is blocked. This is a big concern and it should not be a problem. I have tried to circumvent the process by altering email methods and default content - all with no positive results.
There is currently no problems associated with sending and receiving email using the Go Daddy account email. Adding the account email did not correct the problems.
Suggestions offered by forum users have been tested and have not resolved the issue. Several individuals suggested script (code) changes. Others suggested changes to OS Commerce settings. When appropriate, those I felt might have a chance were tested. None of them corrected the problem and code was restored.
Account orders are once again being processed (albeit without email notification and response). An issue between your store and PayPal was easily corrected with a minor update to current settings.
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