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Once 15 people access website, I can't access anymore.

I'm using "Deluxe" Hosting with 512 RAM and 1024Mbps I/O,
Once I post the articles to Social, after that my website get off.
I can't Access anymore. 
I have contact to Customer sevice. But they gave me only 1 way to fix it, "Upgrade", and I don't want to pay more for upgrade. because this is a new site, even I still don't have earn from it yet.
Before when I pay for the hosting, I thought "That's all the money I need to pay, so my website works well"
so for now my website is new site, that's why it has not much access,  but It usually got off.
does anyone know how to make it works well?

Helper VI

@nickynguyenvn are you using WordPress as CMS?

If that's the case, you should install a caching plugin, such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super cache.

Also I'd recommend you to use cloudflare as a CDN.

With that, you should be more than fine Smiley Wink



Hope it helps!

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