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OpenCart SMTP mail to Yandex NOT WORKING

Dear Support,


I'm using mail system of Yandex PDD. I'm also pointed my corporate mail (which is working on yandex) for my OpenCart CMS. I've configured SMTP credentials for Yandex, but it's not sending mails. I've tried it on VPS all working fine, but Godaddy Linux Hosting blocking connectivity and do not want to send. Also I tried to use MAIL function, mail delivering to but to my yandex based business mails not received. Could you please help what to do?


Please be informed that my business mail working very good. I'm able to send mails from gmail,, yahoo and etc. without any issue



Community Team
Community Team

Are you trying to set this up on a shared hosting environment?  It's isn't possible to use custom SMTP servers on shared hosting, and you would need to set up any email through our hosting relay server.  

If you're trying to set this up on either a VPS or Dedicated Server through GoDaddy and it isn't working, please contact our support teams so we can investigate the problem in more detail and see why it isn't working.  Thank you.