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PHP Mail() to forwarding address

I have just moved to GoDaddy a PHP script that was working fine on the previous server. It uses mail() to send to various emal addresses. They get through fine to domains outside GoDaddy but when the email address is one in a GoDaddy hosted domain where it is set in cPanel to forward to another email address the mail simply does not get sent. PHP script runs to the end and there are no error messages logged.

Helper VI

@MikeRip in your webmail account, within cpanel, can you see the email? Maybe it fails to forward to another address.

BTW, the destination address is a hotmail/outlook one?

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Thanks for the suggestion, but no I can't see any of these emails in my webmail inbox (only messages from GoDaddy). The destination email addresses that don't receive email from PHP mail via mail forwarding are just ordinary mailboxes on another domain that I own, hosted elsewhere. They receive email from the PHP script when I send to them directly. Also the forwarding to them configured in GoDaddy works OK when I send email from my normal mail client. I have now found that the PHP script also fails to send emails to addresses where mail forwarding is provided by a service provider other than GoDaddy.