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PHP update to 7.2?



I am really confused, I would really appriciate some help over here! 


I had own static website hosting infrastructure, and now I woulkd like to switch over to Google Storage Bucket hosting. I have done the step-by-step tutorial by google, and everything works fine under the page loads and ok, and I have added the CNAME record as it has been mentioned in the google tutorial, in this case: -> CNAME -> (tried also with subdomain, www, etc.) but it is not working. If I open the site, it says ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED. I have also waited 48 hours but nothing has been made since. 
So my problem is that the GoDaddy service not seems to be directing the CNAME record to the google bucket... Has anybody had this issue? (I also verified the dns with google, by logging in to godaddy from the google site verification, and did the step-by-step wizard and it says it is verified) 
Tutorial was this: 
Also checked this:

What am I missing? 🙂