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Painfully slow!

Created a new Linux deluxe hosting plan yesterday. Have a vanilla install of the latest Joomla with no add ons or new themes. Site is very slow to load if it loads at all. It's early on a Sunday morning on EST. I would expect the server load to be pretty light. This is VERY frustrating to say the least. Is this typical of shared hosting at Godaddy?

And, no, it's not my connection. I've got a low ping and high bandwidth.

I've been looking around to find statistics and seems like dreamhost has better performance. Waiting 10 -30 seconds for each page load will make for extremely long development times and lost customers.


Re: Painfully slow!

 Hi @gregcorliss

We did have issues with a specific cPanel server yesterday. Sounds like your site was affected by that. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to our support team to troubleshoot further. 

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Re: Painfully slow!



Was there an issue again yesterday and continuing today?


I  have cPanel (Unlimited, per sales, I would still have when I transferred over to cPanel) and use GoDaddy for my WordPress sites.  There are stores that I am trying to test but it is so painfully slow. - then click on "shop" from the menu.  Eventually you get to the sub-directory where the store is located ( and click on any an errand, then come back and see if it's done trying to load.  (humor in a stressful situation)




Re: Painfully slow!

Hey @Drumwork,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


First, there wasn't any alerts on our cPanel hosting yesterday or this morning. Ran a few public tests on your "shop" site and showing the server connecting and responding within under a 1 second. However the 30 second delay occurring afterwards appears to be coming from the load time of content on the page.


In one test I'm showing the page over 4.1 MB. Most recommendations for optimal load speeds will suggest getting that as low as; if not close to, 1 MB in size. It also looks like a majority of the load is coming from large image files that you'll want to reduce in size. 


You can check out my public results ran from Pingdom and WebPageTest which will offer some additional suggestions to help improve load performance. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Painfully slow!