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Php .user.ini usage limits


I use a linux shared hosting with cPanel and I would like to know if the php configuration file .user.ini is limited to one per account, one per website or if there are no limits (one each directory ?).

Thank you.


P.S. I have already seen this page, but there are no details I'm looking for.

Community Manager

@daddy - You can have a .user.ini file in each directory in a cPanel account. Most users will have the same file for the whole account and keep it in the root, but you can add others as needed. 


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Jesse thanks for the answer.

Using the .user.ini file I was able to increase the value "memory_limit", but if I try to add an extension as suggested in this article, using this string "" (without quotation marks) this is ignored and not shown by the php file containing phpinfo ();

Some suggestions?