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Please Help with Upload limits to my website PHP.ini

Hey guys. I have this website 


Register and it will log you in just use random info. No need to confirm email. Ok its a music site for artists to upload there tracks and share. 


But as of right now, no one can upload there tracks. I have the file size to me 50mb on my website and settings. But the owner of the script told me it could be in my hosting settings


That sounds like a server limit. Check both post_max_size and upload_max_filesize php directive. Also the max_execution_time value as well.

Regards, " he said


WHen they try to upload they get the error of the file size limit being to large when really its not. and a format of the mp3 error saying use mp3 (But thats not go daddys problem or if anyone can help with that would be appreciated)


Idk how to get to php directive



What did you do, because I can't get this to change for the life of me. I have tried everything!

What did you do