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Ports blocked

How do I open ports that are blocked?

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Whenever someone posts something like this lacking in all the relevant details..... you just know it's an ugly can of worms......................

What do you mean?

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered in order to answer your question. Is the port being blocked by your ISP or your firewall? If it's being blocked by your ISP, you will have to make arrangements with them in order to get it unblocked, most likely by upgrading your account. If it's your firewall, then we need to know whether you have a hardware firewall or software. Either one will require you to set permissions in the firewall to allow traffic on that port. If you want directions on that, we need more details. If it's a hardware firewall, we need the make and model. If it's software, we need the OS and firewall details.