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PuTTY Software caused connection abort

I was attempted to use PuTTY to connect to my server here through SSH. While I have typed in my: 

  • IP address of my website
  • Port number

The following terminal (PuTTY) freezes and says the following 

Software caused connection abort

before I can type in my password. While the tech service here can connect to my server through SSL, and I can connect to on port 22. I was thinking there is something wrong with my server then. 


Can anyone help me?

Community Manager

Hi, @SHYJohn. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! This is a strange one. If our support team is able to connect to the server via SSH, that would suggest that there's an issue with your client. However, if you're able to connect to other servers with the same client, that would suggest that the server has at least something to do with the situation. It may still be due to the way the client is configured. It seems possible that it could be trying to connect to the server in a way that is problematic for that environment specifically. My suggestion would be to try logging into the server from another computer all-together. You may also want to try using another SSH client. It would be great if you could follow up here with anything you're able to figure out. 


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