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Publishing Your Website with Dreamweaver CC 17.0


Publishing Your Website with Dreamweaver CC 17.0

After building your website with Adobe Dreamweaver®, you can publish it to your hosting account.

Publishing your website with Dreamweaver CC requires you to complete two tasks:




  1. From the Site menu, select Manage Sites.
  2. Enter a Site Name, and then select your Local Site Folder.
  3. Click Servers, and then click Add new Server. 
  4. Complete the following fields, and then click Save:
  • SFTP Address — Enter your hosting account's primary domain name. For example,
  • Username — Enter your hosting account's username. 
  • Password — Enter your hosting cPanel account's password. 
  • Root Directory — Enter the directory for the domain name you want to use. 
  • Web URL — Enter your website's URL. (Directory / Folder Path)
  • From the File menu, select the files or folders to publish, and then click Put Files.

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1.  Why was this simple, vital information so difficult to find???

2.  After we save, is the site ready for visitors?