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Helper III

Re: "This site can’t be reached" error.

When I perform a traceroute, it times out at the same step for me, so it sounds like things on your end are fine.  This is a tough one.


The way things look to me is that it is one of two different things, both of which are something you will probably need to contact GoDaddy to resolve.  It sounds to me that there is some IP Blocking going on with your site, whether it was inadvertently activated by you, or by someone else.  There could also be some filtering going on in GoDaddy's network somewhere.  Unfortunately, in either case, it's probably something that they need to fix.


There is another possibility (perhaps a small one) that if you can gain access to cPanel from outside your network that you can review the IP Blocking settings for your site.  This may help you fix it.  If not, I'm afraid there may not be much else you can do.


I really hope you can get this resolved quickly!  If for some reason you can't, you can always see if your ISP will give you a different IP address, although if they're anything like my ISP, they probably won't know how to do that.

Getting Started

This all occurred last night while I was doing some coding and doing A LOT of FTP'ing of files back and forth.  I do think I probably triggered the issue, and my IP address may indeed be blocked now.   I will reach out to them and see if it can be un-blocked.


        This seems to be the exact same issue I am having with my site. I performed a Nmap scan of my site and found port 21 open, so was doing some FTP file transfers as well as used some code I manually placed from Google AdSense and now my IP is blocked. If I connect to a proxy I can get to the site with no problems, however, my main way to access my site and the internet, in general, is through the hotspot on my phone which seems to be what is blocked. I can not get to my site on my phone or hotspot connected device - unless I am also connected to my VPN. I can ping the site as well as traceroute with no issues (the ping replies and the traceroute makes it) I just can not get the site through my normal network connection. I spent the last hour on the phone with GoDaddy support only to figure out that they have no clue what is really going on because they cannot get the same results - because they are not connected to my network. I finally took some screenshots with explanations of them and sent them into the supervisor that was on duty and he said he would speak with the advanced team but it really sounds like either the cloud-based firewall or Intrusion Detection/Prevention System is blocking my IP. Guess my next move is to hopefully wait it out and see what comes of this annoyance.