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Resource Limit Is Reached - My plan is Deluxe.

My website is down and show ...

Resource Limit Is Reached
The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.


So, I checked my cpanel and found "Entry Processess 100 / 100 (100%)


My plan is Deluxe. I think I should upgrade my plan. So, I upgraded Deluxe to Ultimate. I checked my cpanel again and see "Entry Processess 125 / 125 (100%). Website is still down.


What is the problem and how should I solve about this? Please kindly explain details.


Thank you.


I also was facing the same problem yesterday. The support suggested upgrading to the business plan which has unlimited I/O usage and other resources. But when I upgrade to business plan there was issue with the resources. They gave me the same resources as in deluxe plan therefore i had to chat with support team.

After fixing the issue, I again faced the I/O usage problem in business plan. As the support team said, it does not have any restriction of resources but still i was facing the problem .


You can visit the link


My ultimate sugesstion is do not use godaddy services. They provide the **bleep**tiest services and their support team do not have any idea what is causing the problem. And their plans say one thing before purchasing and give another services.