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Shared Hosting - Website took too long to respond

My website is accessible only via some of the mobile networks and not from other Wi-FI networks. The site has been inaccessible for more than 24 hours now.


After multiple calls to godaddy and sending the traceroute screenshots, the smart people at godaddy agreed that its an issue from their end, but were unable to give me an ETA on the resolution. The stupidest part is that they say a maintenance job on their backend is causing this problem. Not sure what kind of maintenance job would make sure that the websites wouldn't be inaccessible during the job.


If you search for godaddy site took too long to respond on internet, you would get huge set of links and topics where site owners show their frustration towards godaddy. To be known that the issue is recurring and happens with lot of customers, not having a quick solution only shows the incompetency of people working at godaddy.


Icing on the cake, when the site doesn't get load, even the cPanel wouldn't. So, as a site owner, i can literally do nothing but sit on my knees and pray for almighty that one smart person ( i mean one really smart person) at godaddy would take it seriously and find a solution, albeit for a short period. What was the uptime SLA you promise to your customers again ? 99.9% ROFL