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Site Performance Issues

Using an external monitoring service, I'm finding the performance of my hosted WP Sites to be atrocious, as much as 6 second responses for the daily average. The site doesn't get that much traffic.  And, it varies greatly.  I don't have many plug-ins, and use WP Smush to optimize images.


I firmly believe it's a problem in how Godaddy overloads its servers with too many shared sites.  


I use alternatives to Godaddy (like Inmotion) for other clients and have no performance problems with them.  





Helper VI

@jayfriedmn sorry to hear that. 😕

I had a similar issue: I moved a high traffic website into WP managed and it performance was way too slow for my client's needs. So I switched to a VPS, where I can use nginx with caching.

I'd recommend you to use cloudflare, and see if that helps.

It does in my case:


However, I think you should contact support to see if they can help you.


Hope it helps!

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