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Site is down for over a week

I called @godaddy the week before to ask about SSL. Rep suggested I switch hosting from Classic to Cpanel ( new cheaper plan.) Site goes down for a week. @godaddy creates the new Cpanel hosting, Does not cancel the old Classic plan. Directs the domain to the wrong site. HINT: that is not an upsell, that is a #FAIL. My site is still failing. The designer who created the site is out for the week. None of this would have happening if GoDaddy did not drop the ball. 


I had a similar experience. I was told they needed to move my site from an old server to a new one because they wanted to decommission it, and give me a different host name and MySQL server name, which required reconfiguring my application.

However, it took over a week for them to move everything across. It was every day a bit more and a bit more, with constant support calls, until finally everything was migrated. But even then, the nightly cron job was still running on the old server (I couldn't stop it because I no longer had access to the old server), and the one on the new server refused to run. After about 6 months the old cron job finally stopped running. Now it's all ok, but I have the same fear again if I move all my hosting onto Cpanel.

Same happens every time with me.. Almost 25 % time I got downtime


Same happens every time with me.. Almost 25 % time I got downtime