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Slow server response

Hi Community,

I have slow server response from page speed insights as the major problem with the poor loading times of my hosted website at GoDaddy. I am able to compare this with my other sites on SiteGround with pretty much the same configuration and the difference is quite large: Load times for a wordpress site at SiteGround .3 seconds whilst this is around 4.6 seconds at Godaddy. Both sites (and my others) are optimised in terms of minification CSS and scripts, and I exploit compression and browser catching as normal in htaccess.


I noticed that php 5.4/5.6 are the php versions and wondered when GoDaddy will catch up and start implementing php 7 which is supposed to have better response but this cannot be the only issues for an order of magnitude difference. Does anyone have an idea how server response rates can be improved within their hosting service? A service response in excess of 4 seconds and load in 8 seconds and worse is not good for SEO and you lose around 50% of traffic due to users quitting.


Roy Mogg