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Slow website

Hi all,

My website is running extremely slow, I’ve had a wordpress expert do what needs to be done on it but is now saying the rest of the problems lie with the hosting

How do I send an email to go daddy support please to see if they can look into it for me? Can’t find an email for them anywhere

Many thanks
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Hey there @samco,


I'm willing to be the "WordPress Expert" didn't do half of what you need done to make your WP site fast on the GoDaddy servers.


What's your domain?

What's your hosting plan? (Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, Business, etc.)

What did the "expert" do?


With a bit more info, we can probably help you out with this.

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Dear "Mr Vapor" -


I have several clients that have their Wordpress websites hosted with GoDaddy, economy and otherwise, & every single one of them is having slow loading issues in both the front end and dashboard of the site. One got so sick of the 5 - 10 second load time for a simple blog post, they ended up purchasing your VPS hosting. Now, based on your response above, I'm wondering if that isn't GoDaddy's M.O. - overload the shared hosting forcing people to upgrade.


For years I've suggested my clients use GoDaddy for their hosting, but at this rate I can't justify the purchase with load times like we're seeing lately.


With that said, I'm not sure if attacking the OP's developer was the right way to address the issue.. but you know GoDaddy's customer service policies better than I do, I guess.




If your site was recently loading faster, then a recent change may have affected the load speed. If this is the case, you can undo the change and see if that helps the site load faster.   Troubleshooting a slow WordPress site


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