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Switch from windows hosting to linux

I've tried to switch from windows hosting to linux using this guide here:

When I try to update my current plan, it only gives me windows options including "economy, deluxe, and ultimate" windows hosting with no option of switching to linux hosting. 


How can I switch to linux hosting for my website?


Hi @Walshy

If you have one of our newest hosting plan, the only way you can change your operating system is by purchasing a  new Linux hosting plan. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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i just purchased my windows deluxe with plex package hosting last wednesday 9/13.  I need to change or switch to its equivalent linux hosting.  How can i do that?  Thank you! 


DONE... Called Helpdesk and Charles was very helpful. They switched it already... They just cancelled the windows and switched the subscription to linux.  

We moved one of our hosting plans from Window starter hosting plan to Linux business plan and the website failed to function as at when it was in the windows plan. Especially the database integration with the various sub-domains. What do we need to do going forward, more so that the we cannot terminate phone calls from Nigeria to customers support lines any longer.