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TXT record not working

Hello, i have been trying to connect my domain to a hosting site,the hosting site gave me a TXT record to add under my DNS  "Add the TXT records below to your DNS provider to verify you own" , on the DNS management section of godaddy, i have added the the following " under type: TXT ,  name:, value:TXT record provided by hosting site and TTL: 1/2 hours" ,  when i go back to the hosting site and click verify, i get the error  "We couldn't verify your domain Please check your settings and try again.". I have been trying to get this to work for almost a day and nothing is working


I'm having the same problem at this time. 
I can change the 'A' record no problem, almost instant response.

Can't add a 'TX' record, 24 hours and still not there.

By luck, while on the phone with GoDaddy, it started working...