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Tax Fee



Can someone give me a right answer and why GoDaddy is charging me a tax on new bills?


I'm not citizen of USA and company owner in USA. I'm living outside of USA and UK.


I'm asking you this since, from 10 invoices, 8 invoices in past are without TAX fee and last 2 invoices are with TAX fee.


If GoDaddy is tax payer in my country (Serbia) then for me it wouldn't be a problem and tax issue.

In any other case I need a prof that GoDaddy is paying tax to my country as well since otherwise they don't have rights to charge me this fee.


I hope that I will get any fair reply since it's not avoiding paying state tax.


p.s. This is not a right location where this topic should be placed but at least it has some relation if we are looking from fee side.

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what is your domain name?

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Hi @bokinet,


Since you first asked this question on the public forum ( I know you private messaged me but believe others can benefit from answer).....

You should read this seeing as your site is hosted on USA soil:


and seeing as your website is hosted on USA soil then the tax guys know that some of your customers are USA citizens, therefore you pay tax. Simple really................ you can't argue with that logic. Well you can, but it won't do you any good.


Although the above relates to a an e-comerce site, your site also sells a product or / and service. So the same advice is viable.

In my case it's a only web domain registration not a web hosting!

This domain which I bought only redirects that web domain to our main web domain which isn't part of my billing and buying over GoDaddy so I think that this is wrong figuring out of everything and it's really become annoying and with out and health logic!

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Like I said @bokinet,

that is your opinion and you can argue if you like. I have checked the details of your site and I think the advice I gave does apply.


You should take it up with either the IRS or support if you want to argue your case for not wanting to pay taxes like everyone else. The law changes day to day, and the taxman catches up with all of us........... Smiley Happy


"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Benjamin Franklin
Read more at:

Funny is that only GoDaddy has that rule and no one else from companies around the globe and even from USA.

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Yes @bokinet,

I do see that your site is hosted in Canada and that your site redirects to it (and being a UK citizen, even am aware of the tax complications between the USA and Canada) and the past invoices were probably an oversight and now it's been ascertained that tax is due. Probably because the tax due was passed to godaddy, that is business.

Tax is complicated and to get the best answers I would consult your accountants, or contact support and perhaps they can explain it better than I. The link I supplied was pretty straight forward though.............

You can rest assured though, there is no conspiracy plot to get only you............................. 

I hope you find the answers you need.

Best Regards 


Yeah, I have the same problem here. I do not host any commercial sites whatsoever on my hosting plan, and still paying tax. As I see, GoDaddy greedy business politics doesn't reason with logic, so right now I'm closing GoDaddy registered domains one by one and transfer them over to other providers. Still have few which I close this year, I hope. Shame, since I'm GoDaddy user for 15 years now...

Same here regards invoice including new "Taxes and Fees". They say it is because I'm in Australia and they are collecting taxes for AU.


You say you're moving away from GoDaddy... did the company your moving too charge "Taxes and Fees"?


Also, did you find a company that had better renewal costs? 


Any help appreciated. 



I am  from Israel and it is the same. 17% Tax (which is the exact Israeli amount for our VAT) has been charged without any notice. 

US-Israel Tax treaty which addresses issues just like these, has not changed and I've been charged allegedly for 17% Israeli Tax by an US company on the invoice - This tax IS NOT considered legitimate by Israeli authorities and not refundable - I double checked.

I therefore have to stop using GoDaddy services across the board. Yes, I've been a customer for more than 10 years, but that doesn't seems to help anyone but me ego.

It was really nice woking with you guys, but I have to move out all my accounts now, thanks for the fishes...


I want to tell you that after many calls with the support , and all the answers that we all heard that it is not their problem and it is according to the rules of our country,  I sent an email to LEGAL@ transferred it to the SalesTax dep. And they answered me as follows:


"Hi Esther,


We apologize for the confusion.  Our website is being updated this week to include the countries not listed.  We began charging Israel VAT on 4/1/2017 (GoDaddy Israel ID #515118859).  If you have a valid VAT ID number we can refund the tax. 


Thanks, "


So I sent them the Israeli VAT no.  of our company and they refunded us!

I don't know what will be next time when we will have to pay.

Perhaps private customers have to give their ID no. 


I hope it helps you.