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Tips On Troubleshooting Websites Loading To A Blank White Page Using WordPress - Tutorial

hemantyuvasoft writes, "I keep my wordpress application on VPS . Here is the website url : . I don't think there is any issue with .htaccess file." 


Muse writes, "First we have to get you into the site because you probably have a conflict of some sort.  Have you updated or added any new plugins or a new theme?  If so we look at those first.


=> If you add something new we want to deactivate them via FTP by renaming their folder.  Once deactivated you should be able to long in again.  If you didn't add anything new...


=> FTP into your server and rename the plugin directory (located in the wp-content directory) to plugins.old.  Then see if you still have a whitescreen.  If the whitescreen is gone, you now know one of your plugins is a problem child.


=> Next, login to your dashboard. Then, go back in via FTP and restore the plugin folder name back to "plugins".  Proceed to activate plugins one by one until you find out which plugin hiccups and needs to be replaced.


=> If changing the plugins directory name did not work -- it could be your theme.  Do the same by renaming your theme's folder to deactivate it.  themename.old


This process of trial and error should help you determine what isn't playing nice with your site.

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