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UCC SSL, Deluxe Hosting & Godaddy's Support Offering

This scenario is relevant to the following Godaddy products which we have purchased. 


- Deluxe Hosting 

- UCC SSL (Up to 5)


We purchased the UCC SSL cert. to cover multiple websites. We have successfully established two domains which currently utilise this SSL and are on the same deluxe hosting service. 


We have attempted to add an additional domain to the UCC SSL, according to email notifications the certificate has been issued and the certificate is visible on the deluxe hosting / cPanel. 


We have successfully uploaded the website to the deluxe hosting plan, all relevant files are seen within the cPanel. 


We have applied a htaccess file and redirect code within the website files, to redirect to HTTPS. 


Problem: Despite all of the above, the website does not redirect to HTTPS. All the settings have been applied in accordance with the way they are applied for the other websites which we have working with the Deluxe Hosting & UCC SSL. 


We have reported this issue to Godaddy tech support on numerous occasions and have been issued with the following responses:


- Godaddy are not able to offer assistance with the matter, because the SSL is not managed by them. We will need to pay more for Godaddy to take control and fix the issue on our behalf - (We do not want Godaddy to fix this issue for us, we want Godaddy to review the issue and advise a course of action with instructions to resolve the issue). I am confused as to why I need to explain this considering we have purchased all products from Godaddy and as the website has been uploaded to the server, the matter is not related to a website building application. 


My feeling is Godaddy are essentially attempting to force us into buying a managed service by not providing an adequate level of support for the products we purchased and instead referring us to youtube the problem. 


While we have not had this level of issues with Godaddy previously, this matter is seriously forcing us to look for a new vendor who will be able to offer assistance with the products we purchase from them. 


Hi @thompsonmatt929,


Welcome to the Community!

GoDaddy will no longer provide the SSL support (non-managed SSL) due to content on the website being unsecured. First, make sure you check the SANs additions to know they have been added correctly. Also, if your website are appearing online as "not secure", be sure you don't have mixed content on the website code. Mixed content occurs when a webpage containing a combination of both secure (HTTPS) and non-secure (HTTP) content is delivered over SSL to the browser. You may wish to check your source code to be sure you're not calling on unsecured resources.


If you're wanting Community input, you may want to post the domains here for review, so others can take a look in various browsers.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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