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Unable to Download .zip file from a GoDaddy hosted website

Hi all,

I made a photo uploading and video editing service.

when trying to download my client uploaded materials in zip file, hosted in GoDaddy's linux hosting. it would can around 45mb-90mb.

Is there any limitation on downloading size or any way to fix this?


Most shared hosting accounts are limited in file upload size. This link might show you some info you need. You can change the limitation, edit or add the following values in your PHP initialization file by following these directions

Hi I can seem to find the publish settings  anywhere ,you advised to check on ...can you futher explain ,there is no even plesk account here ...please help

Helper V

@ilans as @SMattingly stated there is an Upload limit for sites built on PHP and can be changed. As for downloads there is no limit. I have uploaded a 2GB file over FTP to my Linux Ultimate cPanel account. and had no issue downloading the file over HTTP. When downloading large files they can be interrupted if you are downloading over a slow connection, the connection times out, too much packet loss/ high jitter or other things. See if you are able to download the file from another network/computer.