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Unable to access SSH by Putty


I try my best to login with Putty to my server,but all failed. it cost me one day with over 50 times.

so two problems:

1. using by SSH with private key , still ask user name and password, but when input password, the screen does not show any move

2.  system denied by wrong password or "Network error: software caused connection abort"


so what can i do next ? i need to use Putty to install some software for my website. please help. thanks

Community Manager

Hi @cryingguy. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! It's difficult to say for sure what's happening without more information. There could be many reasons why this is happening. If you can provide more information about your situation, like what kind of account you're trying to connect to, that may help someone offer a suggestion. 


If by chance you're on a cPanel account, you'll need to make sure you've enabled SSH before you can connect. For more information on that, please see this article. Hope you're able to get this figured out!


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.


i try  my best to fix, but failed today again.

first, i shutdown office router  and reboot,

second, i turn off firewall

third, i try to use other computers or reinstall putty to login,

the problem is the same

however, ftp is fine.

so please help.


I am new to all of this as well, but one thing you may want to try is to run Wireshark to look at the packets.  You will be able to determine what the server response is and why the connection may be denied. That is a good place to start.