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Unable to install or delete plugins and site has malware


My site has been hacked and is redirecting to porn sites.  On top of that, every time I try to install or delete plugins (suspecting the hack came from a plugin) it asks for my ftp username and password.  It never asked for that before and when I try entering the info the connection always fails.  I can not afford to use SiteLock or any paid malware remover.  I would love to be able to reinstall WordFence and use that and at least try it first.  I'm not tech savvy and I've been trying to figure out using FileZilla, but none of it makes sense.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you 🙂

Super User I

Just my two cents, but Sitelock is a bargain if it can fix it. Otherwise you're spending a lot of your own time finding a workaround.


If you have a backup file, can you restore the site from backup? That would (in theory) go back to a time before you were hacked. And then maybe you could do the precautionary stuff to ensure not getting hacked again (such as updating plug-ins and installing WordFence).