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Unable to upload files to website

I can access the site from the Web but cannot upload files.

I haven’t used the site for awhile, so am assuming this relates to the IP address change near the end of last year. But GoDaddy's hosting site details shows the IP address was correctly changed. So shouldn’t a site I’ve had set up for 10 years (and have made no changes) continue to function without any other changes?

My FTP site setup is thru Dreamweaver. The first error notice says Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote server time. After hitting OK, the next message then says: An FTP error occurred – cannot get remote folder information. Dreamweaver could not connect to the server. Please check your network connection and try again.


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Something must have changed if not in your settings on the server side.  If your site has been on the same hosting for 10 years, at some point a migration or server upgrade would/should have happened.  And that's a good thing.   The last thing you want is a host that doesn't keep up with security and technology.


Double-check the provided GoDaddy settings in your account panel -- not only IP, but FTP site, Port, UN and PW.   You are probably due for a password change anyway -- so do that to eliminate that being an issue.


If all your settings mirror exactly what GD provides, and you still cannot FTP in, you'll have to call support to investigate further for you. 


Here are some resources that may assist:


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Find your FTP login/username

Web & Classic Hosting Help

Find your FTP login/username


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I must be frank.


Logging into my plesk is the most difficult task i have ever seen or come to know. I am always redirected to plesk log on page and after several hundreds of trial it will login. It is always a pain in the neck and its not users friendly at all.


The worst of them all, the contact number provided is not going



By chance to you have any adware plugins installed in your browser?   Also, make sure your browser's cache is cleared.  These are two things that can mess with how pages behave.


If neither works, then you have to contact GoDaddy Support as only they can determine if there is an issue on their side.


Did you try contacting support by chat?  If it isn't "on" for you, what you can do is when you go to the Global Support page is to change the country you are from to United States and see if that gives you access the chat feature.

Top left of the screen you'll find a drop down that allows you to designate your country, change it to United States.


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