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Unwanted migration broke my sites, terrible and incompetent GoDaddy support

I noticed that databases on all web sites hosted on my deluxe hosting stopped working. After staying for almost an hour on a phone line support with UK (I'm calling from Montenegro), the guy finally transferred my call to somebody who knows something and, after a while, I was told that the migration is ongoing and that all database hostnames were changed without my knowledge. After fixing configuration files for all my sites, everything finally started working, but I had no access to cPanel, since the migration was not over. Let me mention that nobody informed about the upcoming migration, not after it finished!


But, what happened on the next day (and is happening even now, after 15 days) is infuriating! My web sites stopped working (either forbidden, or page not found errors), and I could not do anything with my FTP client (permission denied).


After two more long customer support calls, I managed to somehow patch the sites, but with many problems still remaining:


  1. I can only see my files using FTP client, but cannot do anything (permission denied), so I have to use File Manager in cPanel.
  2. I cannot use .htaccess to configure parsing HTML files as PHP, so I had to completely refactor two of my sites to use .PHP extension! One can only imagine the pain to update them later using the cPanel's File Manager.
  3. I had to configure URL redirects from all HTML pages to PHP counterparts, so the links our customers already have in their mails and/or bookmarks will still work!
  4. 404 error options configuration in cPanel does not work, anymore, which makes the previous problems even worse.
  5. I cannot be sure that all files were successfully migrated, since I noticed several artifact files in the root folder, only!
  6. My phpBB forum is broken!

The last support "guru" (Thomas E. Ware), after a long time trying to fix the problem, told me that he will do something which needs some time to finish and gave me his email address to contact him if problems persist ( after an hour. I sent him two emails (one after several hours, and the other one the next day, since he did not reply) and got no response from him!


On top of everything, since I had to make three long long-distant calls, they cost me almost 40 €. What's more, the incompetent GoDaddy support could not solve the problem (caused by themselves), which should be trivial to fix.


Facing same issue after an upgrade to their business plan.. 404 errors .. No one is there for support.. I have a large website (20GB) and now i am stuck.. I'm not really a technical guy.. I just want get my website out of their servers.. But my FTP clients is not working now.. Don't know why.. I tried to contact them over chat but nothing is working.. 

Getting Started

Same thing here. You can only use cPanel's File Manager.

My agony lasted for more than one month. The problem was with access rights on a file system level.


In almost two hours of long-distance calls and several chat sessions each time they first tried to fix the issue, then forwarded me to some "experts" which said he will do some mumbo-jumbo and that everything should be OK on less than 24 hours. Except it didn't.


Finally, I said to the guy on the other end that I will not accept that and asked to connect me to the compliance manager. Only then he finally forwarded me to somebody who knows what he was doing and that guy fixed the problem in 15 minutes.

Thanks a lot for responding my friend.


I don't know what to do.. Do you have any email or contact of that technical guy?


I have emailed my issues to their support manager but didn't get any response yet. I never even thought a company like godaddy has such a bad customer support and even worse technical support. 


Now, if only I could get in touch with their real technical support. 


I really appreciate your response. Thank you! 

Getting Started

One of those support guys gave me his email address (you can find it in my first post), but he never replied to any of my emails.


I suggest you to contact the support, preferably by chat (if it is available), and insist to fix the issue. Do not accept if they tell you that they fixed it and you should wait "up to 24 hours"! Insist to give you the compliance officer, since your business is at risk. You can mention them that I had the same issue - maybe they can find the solution in my chat logs.

Thanks mate! I will keep you posted on how things go with the support. BTW, I still didn't receive any reply from the support manager.


I hope sharing our experience here would help others to understand what kind of support and service one can expect from GoDaddy.



Nothing worked so far.. Couldn't get anyone to fix the issue.. Not only my site lags the cPanel lags too. It's insane. Not sure what to do now??

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That is so unprofessional. Smiley Mad


Did you insist to forward you to the compliance officer?