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Upgrading from monthly to yearly

Hi, I tried using godaddy and subscribe for 1 month and right now I want to extend it to 1 year. My question is: How can I extend it to 1 year, and will I still get the freebies and discount for subscribing for 1 year?

Former Employee

So when you subscribe on a monthly basis you usually will not get the freebies. Those are offered as a bundle usually on an annual basis. So you have really two options. 1. Call into support and ask for a phone only offer discount to see if the annual price can be discounted. 2. Depending on the hosting platform for example gocentral, cpanel, plesk, managed wordpress, you should be able to get the original discount buy purchasing a new plan but that would involve migrating or building your existing content over again. GoDaddy has a 30 day refund policy on hosting product purchased at a annual basis, so I'm my opinion you should of purchases the original hosting for at least a year or more to get the big discounts that are usually offered and then if you were disappointed the product you would just call into support before the initial 30 day period and request a full refund. Hopefully this helps!