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Upload a image via a webform... size of image issues?



I need some advice/help... I am new to using GoDaddy as a webhost, but have hosted websites for many many years...


With GoDaddy, is there an upload limit when uploading files to the web server via a web form? Primarily I need visitors to have the ability to upload image to at least 2 Meg as that is what most cameras take...


I am using an old language, but have had no issues loading up to about 15 Meg using my Classic ASP script with other hosting companies... but cannot get past about 150 KB with GoDaddy.


Many thanks in advance for any advice.

Community Manager

Hi @woogwoog. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! From the sound of it, you're hosting your website on a Windows plan. I'm not aware of any limitation we place on upload size via ASP script. However, you may want to see if changing your ASP version helps. If your script is old, it may need an older version of ASP. If that doesn't help, you may want to check with our support team to make sure there are no issues with the account itself. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Hi JesseW,

Many thanks for your response.

There is no way I have time to rebuild my sites in ASP.NET and saying that I believe it is a very clunky way to build websites for corporates...

Classic ASP (VBScript) is a wonderful language!

I desparately need to get this working on GoDaddy as I do not want to move my hosting again as I love the support and website uptime, it is the best!

Anyway onto my issue, here is a link where they have had exactly the issue I am having and it was solved...

Here they are mentioning it is an issue with IIS 7... as you can see, they are all pretty happy when the issue is solved.

Therefore I need to know if my site is on IIS 7 hosting, how do I find this out in the GoDaddy plesk thing, then I need to get to the 'Limits Properties'...

Please help!

Have a great day.


I am not getting any help here...


So I rang support to see what they could do...


For one I found out my sites hosted by GoDaddy are on a IIS8 server, so one question answered.


After chatting to two wonderful individuals (which is one reason I do not want to move from GoDaddy), they pointed out something that may work, if you go into Plesk, go into Virtual Directory, click on Directory Properties, go down the bottom of the page to 'Maximum size of entity body of an ASP request (KB)', you can change this, via a text box. I noticed there is note saying 'Defined by IIS (196 KB)' next to the text box, which does not give me much hope, but it seemed to save okay when I changed it.


I tried this and it don't work. Still can't load files above approximately 200K, even when I left if for a day and tried again thinking the server may need to reset or something.


Have found a link :

Can I get to the applicationHost.config in Plesk somehow?

Or can support change this?



So does anyone help here...


The link in the last post does not help me as I can find nowhere in plesk or via FTP to access the 'applicationHost.config' file, does anybody know how to do this in GoDaddy hosting?


The link does give more hints to why the ASP upload is not working with GoDaddy. This link again...


So if my site was built in PHP or .NET would there be an upload limit? Can somebody answer me this?


Bye all... sniff!



Hi Again...


In the searching to fix this issue... I have found some GoDaddy pages which state I can have Classic ASP components in my GoDaddy hosting account...


Page showing GoDaddy supports Persits.Upload which is Classic ASP.

Would not mind to use Persits.UploadProgress, Upload.1 and Persits.Jpeg too


GoDaddy would not offer this with a 200k limit...


Are these just old pages that GoDaddy have never removed, because this would totally fix my issue...!

Hi again,

Any sort of response would be nice... is there anybody on this community...

Any response at all...

I need GoDaddy or someone to explain to me how to get around this issue...

Maybe a response like try making your form in PHP... can it be done... I don't know... can someone fill me in?

Maybe move to another web hoster as you have wasted your time moving your sites to GoDaddy because we do not support Classic ASP... but i have given you a link that says you do...

Any response at all!?!?