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Video Walkthrough | Connect to databases remotely

Hi Friends,
I have created a video walk-through on " How to connect to MySQL database remotely with MySQL Workbench."

MySQL Workbench enables you to quickly and securely connect to your MySQL databases using an SSH tunnel. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Start MySQL Workbench.
2. From the workspace page, click New Connection. The Setup New Connection dialog appears.
3. In the Connection Name text box, type a name for the connection.
4. In the Connection Method list box, select Standard (TCP/IP) over SSH.
5. In the SSH Hostname text box, type, where represents your domain name.
6. In the SSH Username text box, type your GoDaddy Hosting (cPanel) account username.
7. In the MySQL Hostname text box, type localhost or (
8. Confirm that the MySQL Server Port text box is set to 3306.
9. In the Username text box, type one of the following usernames:
       A. Your GoDaddy Hosting (cPanel) account username: With this username, you can access all of the MySQL databases on your hosting account.
      B. A MySQL database username you created in cPanel: With this username, you can access all of the MySQL databases for which the specified user has been granted privileges.
10. Click Test Connection. The Open SSH Tunnel dialog box appears.
11. In the Password text box, type your GoDaddy Hosting (cPanel) account password.
12. Click OK. The Connect to MySQL Server dialog box appears.
13. In the Password text box, type the password for the username you specified in step 9.
14. Click OK. If the connection is successful, you receive Connection parameters are the correct message. If you do not receive this message, check the values you specified in steps 3 to 9, and then try again.
15. On the Setup New Connection dialog box, click OK.
16. You can now run queries, create tables, and more. For example, from the workspace page, under Open Connection to Start Querying, double-click the connection name you specified in step 3. MySQL Workbench connects to your account and displays your databases.




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Thank You.

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Will this work if you have 2 factor authentication on?