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Video Walkthrough: FTP Will Not Connect using FileZilla

Hi Friends,

I have created a video, based on CPanel Password Reset, FTP Access Through FileZilla, FTP Primary Account, CPanel Direct Access through Primary Domain.

I have attached a video File below. Easy to understand. 





Thank You.

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Hey @Retired, 


It looks like he is new here and may not have meant any intentional harm in sharing this video (or some of the others I've noticed he's made). It may just be he was trying to use a common subject I've seen a number of times here and in other discussion forums.


Hopefully some of the new members joining us and searching first for this issue will find this video helpful before asking for help on a common problem I'm sure many of us have encountered in our early days. 



On that note, welcome @manojkumarcdoSmiley Happy


Since you're new here, you may not have had a moment to check out our Community Guidelines. Be sure you take a moment to review so to avoid any confusion with your intent to help with these videos.


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Yes you are right @CG,

I apologise @manojkumarcdo. I see your intent was good. Sorry!

Hi @CG, @Retired,

Thank You for Your Support.  

No problem my pleasure