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Web host purpose and application

Hello. I apologise in the way this question is presented. I have very little experience regarding web hosting.

     I am building mobile apps which need to communicate with mysql databases. To do that, i found out i need a php script to "direct" those queries. Anyways. here is the question.

If i get a, lets say, deluxe package with linux hosting, could i use that to do ALL of the following at the same time :
               -Host a website to advertise various services (or present any content)

               -Have php scripts running to communicate with the app and redirect data from mysql                      databases to an android app

               -Have those mysql databases hosted with this same package

               -Run a web app which would allow interacting with those same mysql databases


I figure its a pretty dumb question, but I couldnt find any better place to get an answer to it than here. Thanks in advance.


Helper VI

Hi @aplasaj, welcome to the community! 🙂

Yes, you can do all of those things with that hosting plan.

However, bear in mind that you'll have to code the PHP script to communicate with your mobile app, and make your mobile app communicate with the PHP script. Kind of an API.


Hope it helps!

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