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Web page hosting separate from web storage.

Got a question for the hive mind. I currently have my theatre department's webpage hosted through There is a new person who will be creating / managing our web pages and is thinking about switching over to WIX.  The only challenge is that we use our sever space for more than the web page. We run quite a few web apps off of the server which are attached to our domain name... If I move the web page and domain server to wix, would I still somehow be able to have my apps hosted on godaddy and connect them to the Wix domain? I hope this makes sense!

Helper III

hello pimmel,


Yes you can still keep your apps working normally and have your site hosted on wix. I would assign a subdomain ( CNAME ) to point to your godaddy web hosting and your main website domain ( A record ) to point to your wix server IP.

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