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Getting Started

Website has been down since yesterday 8:00pm (CET +1)

To whom it may concern,


Yesterday I made a major release using an ftp application (i.e. FileZilla) and I have replaced some of the website existing files. Once the release was done, I've tried to access my website, however the website couldn't load. Its seems an issue with the server per se because not even the default page is loading. My website is:


Can someone from the Godaddy team check and get back to me as soon as possible? 


Thanks, I really appreciate your cooperation on this matter.


Kind Regards,

Kevin (web developer)

Helper VI

@kamalta What language do you use for your site?

Have you uploaded a htaccess file that could be the creep?

What plan are you on?


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Getting Started



No I haven't uploaded any similar files. Only .aspx files, js and css files were uploaded.


Any ideas what it could be please?