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Website not showing after 40 hours

I renewed a domain, changed the account to the renewed domain, and chose the default nameservers, but all three browsers (Chrome, Firefox Safari) reflect same error: “server address could not be found.” 40 hours have passed.


Three CSR’s at GoDaddy double-checked all settings and declared it was a “nameserver propagation” issue. After 18 years with GoDaddy, I can assure you, it is not a nameserver issue. In the past, nameservers have propagated in one hour or less. 


I have 6 computers at home. I get the same results on all six. I’ve rebooted my high speed modem so many times, Century Link asked me if I needed a new modem. I’ve cleared the cache on all three browsers over and over. Same results. Same error.  After 40 hours.


I’ve  given up on the CSR’s. They are nice folks, but simply won’t venture beyond template answers. So I turn to you, dear community. How do I fix this? 


The site is Take a look. Nothing there. 

My guess is the deluxe server I’m on has an issue. Or, because no ip can be found, none has been assigned. 


Thanks for your theories,



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Website not showing after 40 hours

Hi @sixbrowser. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It looks like you may have resolved this issue already. I'm able to see a website when I visit If you did resolve the issue, please consider following up here with the steps you took to do so. Others may benefit from what you've experienced.


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Re: Website not showing after 40 hours

Ok, so the site is up! Here’s what happened: I did 3 steps at once in setting up the site, and shouldn’t have. The three steps were: 1. I renewed an expired domain name, then 2. Changed the DNS nameservers to default, and 3. Corrected the Cname parameters. All 3 at once. That apparently is a no-no. The server or servers choked and came to a slow grind. 60 hours later, the site came to life. I think a tech probably intervened and did something to help things along. I probably should have waited for GoDaddy to acknowledge the domain renewal before resetting the DNS. Oh well. Learned something new!