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What is the url of a page I uploaded via FTP?

I am redesigning a website (call it that is hosted somewhere else. I set up a cpanel for in GoDaddy, since I'll be building the staging site here prior to transferring the hosting to GoDaddy. Then I uploaded an index.html file into the public_html folder via ftp. My question is, what is the url of the file I uploaded?


Cpanel shows the website IP address. I tried using IP address/index.html as the url, but that didn't work. I can't use, as that will go to the existing site at the other host. How do I find the index page's url?


Thank you.

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what is it you are trying to do exactly? You have hosting on godaddy, you have a domain name, you uploaded an index.html file. Well you should be able to just type in the domain name. 

Hi, thanks for your response. The domain is currently hosted with another company. It's a live site. If I type the domain name, the current site will come up. I want to get to the staging site that I'm setting up in GoDaddy.

I have a similar issue. I am building my pages on Xara, upload them with filezilla, and the pages appear in the file manager on Cpanel File Manager, yet I cannot locate them on the net? 


Furthermore, pages I designed with Wordpress some time back are ON the site, but not the Cpanel File manager....


I am thoroughly confused!

@storminpumpkin, replying to someone else's question with a question of your own is usually called hijacking since the new question is trying to use the other person's question. The problem for the hijacker is that fewer people will see it. Also, rarely does a hijacker provide an adequate amount of information. You should create a new question and provide all the relevant information. In your new question, specify whether the domain is registered with GoDaddy or not. Also specify what you have done to set up the DNS configuration. Also specify what hosting you have. Avoid saying things like "the site" when "the" is ambiguous (unclear).