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When will we get Windows Server 2016?

I'm wanting to upgrade to a dedicated server package, but I'm waiting for GoDaddy to have a pre-configured Windows Server 2016 image to deploy onto it. Windows Server 2012 r2 isn't going to cut it for my next project, and Microsoft's Azure is a bit pricey for their services.


How much longer do we have to wait? It's 2017 foo barbit!!


Hey @gtawwekid



No announcements have been brought to my attention about offering Windows Server 2016 on our current Dedicated Server plans. However, I do know our developers are hard at work on some exciting updates coming in the near future. 


I'll pass this request along as a suggestion for them to keep in mind with their planned updates. If any more details are brought to my attention, I'll be sure to follow up here. 


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I heard this was in the works. Like all things GD, you just never know when. VPS in Asia is a few years in waiting already. If I do not see Windows Server 2016 soon I will have to move a few servers to another provider.