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Where can i find my cpanel?

I have Linux Hosting Deluxe plan for a very long time. now i need to level up some of my resources -  I/O and memory. as i understand i need to upgrade it via CPanel. Godaddy says "Each Linux plan includes CPanel...". so i have it too? where can i find it? or i need to cancel my account and buy it again?

Helper VI

Hello @misoa


I have two Linux hosting plans:

-1- Web Hosting Linux ( I have it since 2002 )

-2- Linux Hosting with Cpanel ( since 2016 )


Only the new one includes the cPanel as you can see here


In order to determine if you have cPanel or not, go to your account, click on "My Products" and then on "Web Hosting"


Good luck.


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thanks for reply. 🙂

didn't you level up your hosting resources via CPanel ever? 

I have Deluxe Linux hosting and my photos ( loading very slow. when i started to use godaddy it was much quicker. so i think i need to upgrade my resources (i/o limits or memory maybe...) to make my site work well.  

Could you please look in you CPanel how much you can upgrade i/o limits and memory and for what money? if you could make screenshot for me i would be very appreciated. i just need to know if it's worth to cancel my current hosting without CPanel and buy the new one with CPanel.


Here is Godaddy's HOWTO: Upgrading Your cPanel Account's Resources

Thanks in advance