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Why GoDaddy cannot prevent a web site from being hacked?

using GoDaddy to host very basic, static HTML pages.  discovered today the site has been hacked, countless file have been uploaded to the site and GoDaddy has taken the site offline due to malicious code on the site.  curious why GoDaddy cannot prevent this from happening?  it occurs to me GoDaddy simply wants to use these issues to sell you more services (e.g. $300 annual fee for advanced security services).  been a customer for 10+ years and have witness service levels steadily decline while fees continue to rise.  in fact today, "Ryan" (he would share his last name) in tech support could only offer help if I paid an additional fee of $300 to fix this issue. no empathy, no consideration, just wanted me to pay more money.  we all know GoDaddy could prevent malware attacks.  the tech is available, GoDaddy simply chooses to turn away and let customers suffer.  it's no wonder why AWS and GCP are market leaders in this space. 


while I consider a move to AWS, can anyone offer a quick and no cost solution to return the site to working status?