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Why are there other domains listed on my web server?

I have Hosting - Web - Deluxe - Linux cPanel - US Region - 3 years (recurring) but after using a whois tool it tells me 23 domains are hosted on the same web server as my 2 hosted sites.


Why is this? Since i have paid for hosting why would other websites be on my hosting also?


On the forum i am hosting i have about 10 visitors always but today got 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable errors, would these other sites be to blame?


Could it be that my hosting has been hacked?

Helper III

hello FaucetLove,


Servers are to powerful and to expensive to run just one website. GoDaddy uses shared hosting to make their hosting plans more cost effective.


503 Service Temporarily Unavailable errors are most often caused by your site having met its maximum concurrent connection (simultaneous visitors) limit.


No, the other sites are not to blame.

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