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Why are there other domains on my web server?

I run a Bitcoin Faucets Forum:


Recently i have been checking the results of various website stats and whois sites and found this:


However it tells me there are 22 other domains on the same web server, why exactly is this? I have Hosting - Web - Deluxe - Linux cPanel - US Region - 3 years (recurring) paid for so this is unexceptionable since it should just be my site only, what if these sites were not PG rated etc, they are not linked to my account in any way are they? Or has my hosting been hacked somehow?


Also my forum had some 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable errors and if other sites are on the web server this might be why?


Hey @Atom


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Keep in mind our cPanel/Plesk hosting plans are part of a "Shared" environment. Other sites on the servers, should not be directly associated with your personal account, but the server resources are being shared among other customers with their own personal websites. 


With that in mind; the 503 error indicated could be caused from number of different reasons, but the most common is personal resource over utilization. If you're encountering this consistently, you should contact our live support so our hosting team can help review and verify where exactly the resource limites are being reached. It's possible it's something that can be easily adjusted through custom scripting on your site configuration files. 


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