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Windows hosting - logging out - site

I have spoken couple of times to support team over phone , i don’t think they understand the issue .


Could you please help me out in this ?


I have hosted application in windows ultimate hosting package , this has been running around 4 years now – it is working  fine however we have noticed logout issue since last week


The site is automatically logging out – i have few sub domains hosted all are behaving same


I have restarted IIS

I  have restarted IIS Pool


There is no changes in hosted code , this  application uses godaddy’s SQL server database .


Something went wrong with the hosting package and it is not behaving normally – could you please help ?


I have hosted same code in one of europe’s server for test purpose  , it is working fine btw i have pointed to godaddy’s sqlserver from that server  so there is no problem with sql server as well


Somehow, it is losing session and coming out – could you please help ?


Hello @syedarshath!


Thank you for posting. To help everyone better understand, can you provide more information? The application you're referring to and it's version are a good place to start. Were there any recent updates to the application or are there any out there that need to be done? Etc. Thank you! 


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