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Wordpress migration error, now original site redirects

I was on the phone with GoDaddy hosting support for over 3 hours last night.  Trying to migrate a wordpress site from my hosting to my friend's hosting.  First migration got an error message 30 seconds in (step 1 of 8).  Called GoDaddy support (1st call) to try to clean up original wordpress domain error.  Tried migration again - same error.  Called GoDaddy support (2nd call).  Removed all unused themes and plugins.  Deactivated all plugins.  Activated 2017 theme and deactivated Anissa theme.  Tried migration again - same error.  Called GoDaddy support (3rd call).  Went through manual ftp process - exported from original wordpress site, then imported to new.  Received error messages with permissions while uploading to new.  Called GoDaddy support (4th call).  Said permissions were fixed.  Tried uploading again.  More error messages.  Called GoDaddy support (5th call).  Ended up on the phone this time for over an hour.  Gave additional information to export/import SQL file (not previously told to do this).  This support person was going into database and files to try to manually fix the problem.


We got all pages and posts loaded, but the domain was still looking at the original wordpress startup, not the new files.  GoDaddy support worked on multiple fixes - still nothing.  Finally said to remove wordpress from the new site and start over.  I demanded to talk to a supervisor.  Supervisor was no help.  I asked for GoDaddy to do the migration for me (as at this point we were over 3 hours into trying this migration), but was told GoDaddy support did not have the option to migrate the site for me without charging me $100.


This morning, neither site works. now had no wordpress site and gets a GoDaddy parked page., my original site, is somehow redirecting to - I checked DNS - not forwarding, so I have no clue what's going on.  With my account, I can see all the posts and pages in WP Admin.  So I tried migration again, but it won't even let me use my Wordpress user and password login.


I'm at a loss as to what to do now.  My site doesn't even work now.


Update - my site is now working.  Still can't migrate to new account.  I have granted access rights to my friend's account.