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XMLTTHP status 0

I have a simple javascript/php chat website, just for fun. The php part is a REST api that accepts POST calls with formdata. The javascript part sends a POST call every 5 seconds to check if new messages exist on server.
If I am alone in the chat, the service is perfect, but if there is someone else, after some time I keep receiving XmlHttp status 0.
Is there some POST call limit?


Hey @steelraiden,


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There's no known POST call limit I'm aware of on our cPanel hosting. To be honest there is likely a lot more unknown variables were not aware of that's causing this error to occur when more than one user is logged in. 


One thing you may want to try is reviewing your error logs to see if there's any more details that come up that might help lead to a solution. Beyond that, you're always welcome to reach out to our live support so our hosting team can help review the matter with you within your hosting account. 


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