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You’ve reached or exceeded your resource limits in WordPress

One of its worst kind i have come across today, while working on the site(admin), the site went slow, crashed and never came back, almost 1hr now. i get a mail from godaddy(with the headline/subject) as i mentioned in my post. the funny part is i just in the begining stage of my website development(installed Wordpress and created few pages). I read the blog link in which they educate you or justify the reason for exceeding the resource limits...on other days there support guys call you 10 times a day and chase for other product purchase and when the time come of support(all offline and no one is bothered to look up)...iam still getting 

Internal Server Error

while i am sending this message. I have been using godaddy for several other domains, and these recent trend of server being down and out for hours, give me a second thought of moving out godaddy, i am using other hosting account(but never faced such issues). so ultimately the try to sell the product for discount and ask us to upgrade and make money. It is so irritating that, i will endup sigining other hosting company in the next few hours...and they call themselves award winning support...just a joke apart...

Helper V



Are you using Managed WordPress or cPanel Hosting?...

Please make sure you're using good WordPress plugins or themes...

The buggy plugins or themes consume more resources...




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

I completely agree.  I've used this as a platform for many of my clients and with my latest they continue to pull this resource crap.  I continually check the resources (which always post fine) and it isn't until I go in to make changes that it denies me changing my website (even to delete and open up more resources) and instead tries to make my client pay more money each month.  This - after assuring me for 2 months before making the change that this is all that we would need so we signed up for a 5 year term.  Classic bait and switch and very poor ethical decisions. Usually after spending over an hour on the phone waiting for it to be answered and talking to 2-3 people they realize I know their scam and they open the website back up for 2-3 months until we start the rotation again.  Cannot wait until the contact is up and actively tell people to stay away from what used to be a great resource for hosting.